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Jesus Land. Julia Scheeres. Counterpoint, 2005.

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Emerging Adulthood. Jeffrey Jensen Arnett. Oxford University Press, 2004. This book tackles the implications of emerging adulthood, particularly in how it effects the issues of family, love and sex, marriage, college, work, and faith.


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Why Do They Act That Way? A Survival Guide to the Adolescent Brain for You and Your Teen. David Walsh. Free Press, 2004. Walsh details many of the common struggles of teens, and offers much practical advice to help adults better understand and deal with teens.



Understanding Your Teenager. Wayne Rice and Dave Veerman. Word, 1999. Two youth ministry veterans and fathers of grown children challenge and equip parents to understand and fulfill their role as the primary shapers of today's children and teens. An excellent book to use as the basis for a parents' small group or Sunday School class.




Understanding Your Teenager Video Curriculum. Wayne Rice. Youth Specialties. An effective and non-threatening way to minister to parents of teens, these videos help parents understand the pressures of adolescence while offering practical, hope-filled strategies.