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Francis Schaeffer: An Authentic Life. Colin Duriez. Crossway, 2008.


Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling. Andy Crouch. InterVarsity, 2008.


Following Jesus in a Culture of Fear. Scott Bader-Saye. Brazos Press, 2007.


Intersect Culture: Taking Your Group to a Place Where Faith & Culture Meet. (DVD). The Christian Vision Project. Christianity Today International, 2006.


The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism. Timothy Keller. Dutton, 2008.


Jesus Land. Julia Scheeres. Counterpoint, 2005.


UnChristian: What A New Generation Really Thinks About Christianity ... And Why It Matters. David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons. Baker. Baker, 2007.


Culture Matters: A Call for Consensus on Christian Cultural Engagement. T.M. Moore. Brazos Press, 2007.


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The God Factor: Inside the Spiritual Lives of Public People. Cathleen Falsani. Sarah Crichton Books, 2006. This book offers not only a peek into the smorgasbord spirituality of our contemporary world, but ample fodder for discussion of spiritual things with those whose gods are not God.



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The Culturally Savvy Christian: A Manifesto for Deepening Faith and Enriching Popular Culture in an Age of Christianity-Lite. Dick Staub. Jossey-Bass, 2007. Staub sees the church at a crossroads in faith and culture. He rightly recognizes that the Christian community has “degenerated into an intellectually and artistically anemic subculture, and the general population is consuming an unsatisfying blend of mindless, soulless, spiritually delusional entertainment."

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Body Piercing Saved My Life: Inside the Phenomenon of Christian Rock. Andrew Beaujon. De Capo Press, 2006. Beaujon has given the Christian community a well-researched, well-written and well-needed outsider’s perspective on contemporary Christian music and the evangelical subculture.

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Is Belief in God Good, Bad, or Irrelevant?: A Professor and a Punk Rocker Discuss Science, Religion, Naturalism, and Christianity. Preston Jones. InterVarsity Press, 2006. This book serves not only as a quick and interesting read, but as a model for how to assume a Christ-like posture and enter into two-way dialogue with those who /files/Book of the Month/Ambassador Families - Thumbnail.jpgdon’t think as we do.




Ambassador Families: Equipping Your Kids to Engage Popular Culture. Mitali Perkins. Brazos Press, 2005. Perkins invites parents on a journey that will transform families by equpping them to learn and speak the language of pop culture in order to influence and make a difference in the world around them.


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Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from its Cultural Captivity. Nancy Pearcey. Crossway Books, 2004. A critique of both mainstream culture and church culture, this book evaluates several themes such as theology, science, and church history. Most helpful are the chapters on worldviews and living out the biblical worldview.


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Calvinism in the Last Vegas Airport. Richard Mouw. Zondervan, 2004. Many people have embraced false stereotypes of Calvinism because of their experiences with the theological system. This book helps clear up misconceptions and takes a look at a biblical thinking that speaks to all of life.



The Journey Towards Relevance - Thumbnail.jpg


The Journey Towards Relevance: Simple Steps for Transforming Your World. Kary Oberbrunner. Relevant Books, 2004. This books challenges readers to live as "tranformists" who properly navigate the delicate balance between faith and culture, while providing a practical Rock Cries Out - Thumbnail.jpgparadigm for doing so.




The Rock Cries Out: Discovering Eternal Truth in Unlikely Music. Steve Stockman. Relevant Books, 2004. Stockman takes a look at 12 different artists, most of whom make no real profession of faith, but yet he is still able to mine them for truth value.


Prophetic Untimeliness - Thumbnail.jpg


Prophetic Untimeliness: A Challenge to the Idol of Relevance. Os Guinness. Baker, 2003. Guinness issues a call to the church to thoughtfully consider how to be truly relevant in our current ministry settings. This is a great resource for anyone in ministry.


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Finding God: Where you Least Expect Him. John Fischer. Harvest House

Publishers, 2003. Fischer puts meat on the bones of the forgotten yet vital doctrines of general revelation and common grace, by challenging readers to look for God where He is, that is, everywhere in Creation. This is a must-read book that will revolutionize the way we parent, disciple, and live. This title is available in the CPYU Resource Center.

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Faith, God & Rock'n'Roll. Mark Joseph. Sanctuary Publishing, 2003. Religion has been making a comeback in the rock music world. This book profiles nearly two dozen popular artists and explores how their faith is related to their music. Joseph also includes a closer look at the so-called Christian music scene.



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Redeeming Pop Culture: A Kingdom Approach. T.M. Moore. P&R, 2003. Faith and culture meet again in this Christian critique of popular culture. Moore reminds us of the dangers of an unguarded approach to  the unavoidable popular culture. This book will help you shape a proper Christian worldview.





 Christ and Culture. H. Richard Niebuhr. Harper and Row, 1951. A classic "must-read" for any Christian who struggles to understand the relationship between faith and a proper response to culture. Challenging and informative, this book is a valuable tool for learning how to live, how to minister, and what to teach children/teens/parents.





Critique. Published nine times a year by Ransom Fellowship, this newsletter is a great source where thoughtful Christians can turn to gain valuable information and wisdom about our times and culture. It is designed to call attention to resources of interest for thinking Christians, model Christian discernment, and stimulate believers to think biblically about all of life.





Fearless Faith: Living Beyond the Walls of "Safe" Christianity. John Fischer. Harvest House, 2002. Musician and cultural critic Fischer challenges Christians to step outside the safety zone of their subculture and engage the culture at large. This should be required reading for Christians of all ages. This title is available in the CPYU Resource Center.





Too Christian - Too Pagan: How To Love The World Without Falling For It. Dick Staub. Zondervan, 2000. A practical, Biblical guide to impacting and engaging the culture for Christ. This title is available in the CPYU Resource Center.





Where in the World is the Church? A Christian View of Culture and Your Role in It. Michael S. Horton. P&R, 2002. Offers one of the most timely, balanced, biblically grounded, and theologically sound treatments on matters of faith and culture.





Under the Influence: How Christianity Transformed Civilization. Dr. Alvin J. Schmidt. Zondervan, 2001 The cultural consequences and beneficent legacy of the Christian faith are detailed in discrete categories (ex. Sanctity of Life, etc.). Wisely and honestly, Schmidt does not whitewash Christendom's practical failures to live up to the ideals of Christ historically.



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The Rock Cries Out: Discovering Eternal Truth in Unlikely Music. Steve Stockman. Relevant Books, 2004. Stockman takes a look at 12 different artists, most of whom make no real profession of faith, but yet he is still able to mine them for truth value.






Art & the Bible. Francis A. Schaeffer. InterVarsity, 1973. One of modern Christianity's greatest thinkers offers this short yet insightful perspective on developing a Christian view of art. Schaeffer's "Four Standards of Judgment" are an excellent foundation for evaluating popular music and media.




Art & Soul: Signposts for Christians in the Arts. Hilary Brand and Adrienne Chaplin. InterVarsity, 2001. Written for working and aspiring Christian artists, this book provides guidelines for those who seek to integrate their faith into their creative efforts.





At the Crossroads: An Insider's Look at the Past, Present, and Future of Contemporary Christian Music. Charlie Peacock. Broadman and Holman, 1999. One of Christian music's own takes a much-needed critical look at an industry which needs to more clearly reflect true Kingdom theology that is balanced and Biblical. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in the role music plays in young lives.




Dancing In the Dark. Quentin J. Schultze and others. Eerdmans, 1991. The best book available on the role of the electronic media in youth culture.  Balanced, scholarly, and incredibly insightful.




Eyes Wide Open: Looking for God in Popular Culture. William D. Romanowski. Brazos Press, 2001. This book will challenge readers to consider how they are influenced by culture, how they can critically engage culture, and how they can use popular culture to influence others to find real answers to their deep spiritual longings. This title is available in the CPYU Resource Center.




Hollywood Worldviews: Watching Films with Wisdom and Discernment. Brian Godawa. InterVarsity, 2002. Godawa says Christians tend to be either "cultural gluttons" or "Cultural anorexics" -- either we avoid all movies or watch too many of them. He argues that both groups need to develop a practical, systematic, and biblical framework for evaluating films, and offers practical guidelines for doing so.





Hungry for Heaven: Rock 'n' Roll and the Search for Redemption. Steve Turner. InterVarsity, 1995. Based on Turner's extensive research and personal interviews with music's movers and shakers, this book illustrates how the story of rock music is the story of a spiritual quest. Offers insight into the heart yearnings of those who make and listen to today's music.





Imagine: A Vision for Christian in the Arts. Steve Turner. InterVarsity, 2001. This book is written primarily for Christians involved in the arts, but those who simply enjoy the arts will benefit from Turner's design for nurturing a proper relationship between faith and popular culture.






Like a House on Fire: Renewal of Arts in a Postmodern Culture. Steve Scott. Cornerstone Press, 1997. A brief yet thought-provoking challenge to the church regarding possibilities for the renewal of the arts in the Kingdom.





Modern Art and the Death of a Culture. H.R. Rookmaker. Crossway Books, 1994. Rookmaker's classic analysis of the decline of culture as traced through the world of art. First published in 1970, this book is a paradigm for responsible/Biblical media critique.






Pop Culture Wars: Religion and the Role of Entertainment in American Life. William D. Romanowski. InterVarsity, 1996. An informed Christian perspective on the controversial debate over popular entertainment.





Redeeming Television. Quentin J. Schultze. InterVarsity, 1992. An insightful book on how TV changes Christians and how Christians can change TV. Offers practical and balanced suggestions on how to become active instead of passive viewers.





Reel Spirituality: Theology and Film in Dialogue. Robert K. Johnston. Baker Books, 2001. Provides an enlightening view into the relationship between the real world and the film world, particularly in relation to matters of a spiritual nature. Johnston offers an approach to film criticism that will assist Christians in critically engaging culture.




Scribbling in the Sand: Christ and Creativity. Michael Card. InterVarsity, 2002. Singer/Songwriter Card writes about discipleship and the lifestyle we are called to lead as we reflect the image and glory of God in our lives. A wonderful book to read devotionally, which will spark you to worship through your creativity. A study guide is also available.