Links - Youth Issues: Substance Abuse



Teen Drug Abuse

A site full of helpful information about teenage substance abuse. Educates visitors about when teens begin using, what they are using and how those drugs affect them physically, socially and mentally. Lots of articles and resources on specific types of drugs teens are abusing.


Not Alone Ministry

A site for those who know someone who is addicted to or abusing drugs or alcohol, particularly those in ministry. Includes helps for parents, grandparents and church leaders, stories of hope and healing, and more.


Montana Meth Project

This website is brought to you by the Montana Meth Project. Meth use among today's teens is on the rise, and this prevention-focused organization is doing its part to reduce the prevalence and frequency of meth use. It includes real stories, news and events, and online versions of their hard-hitting ads targeted to teens.


Girl Talk 

Girl talk is a website designed to be "a guide for mothers and daughters to prevent underage drinking." The site encourages mothers and daughters to communicate with each other and to discuss the dangers of alcohol. 


Inhalant Abuse and Prevention is brought to you by the Alliance for Consumer Education and offers tips for parents who think they may have a child or teen abusing inhalants. The site also includes warning signs, links, and downloads.


National Inhalant Prevention Coalition

Inhalants are one of the most popular drugs abused by children and adolescents. This organization is battling this trend. This site includes helpful information that can be used to raise awareness of the dangers of inhalant abuse, and to steer kids to healthy decision making.


Center on Alcohol Marketing And Youth

This up-to-date site is packed full of info on the alcohol industry and its marketing efforts to youth. Includes a marketing gallery, press clippings, resources, press releases and information on legislative updates.



Designed to educate and train youth-serving professionals and parents on the drug scene, this site contains resources for parents, teachers, students and law enforcement officials, along with a helpful and illustrated drug index.


Join Together Online

This site from the Boston University School of Public Health is designed to help those who want to take action against substance abuse and gun violence. News, resources and research are all featured components of this site dealing with these two threats in today's youth culture.


Healthy Competition

Sports plays a big part in the lives of many youth, and unfortunately the pressure to win means that many of them may resort to the use of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs. This site seeks to educate parents, teens and coaches about the dangers of using these substances.


Community of Concern

Community of Concern is a non-profit organization that was formed in 1998. Their mission is "to educate parents and build partnerships so that (we) may coordinate our efforts to keep our children alcohol, tobacco and other drug free."


Freevibe is a site constructed for teens but is worthy of some study by those working with young people. The site's major theme is anti-drug information, stories and discussion. Information on common drugs and effects is listed, as are stories about bad drug experiences, pop culture and media literacy.


Drug-Free Resource Net

Created and maintained by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, this site offers a complete and accurate compilation of information about substance abuse. Included are a comprehensive database on drugs and help for parents.



Created through the merger of the UK's foremost drug information and policy organizations, this site is loaded with lots of helpful up-to-date information on drugs and their effects, as well as links to other substance abuse sites.


The Monitoring the Future Homepage

This site is packed with current teen substance abuse data from the annual Monitoring the Future Survey conducted by the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan.


National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence

The NCADD provides education, information, help and hope in the fight against alcohol and drug addictions. Filled with substance abuse related definitions, facts, overviews, parent information, resources, press releases, etc.


National Institute on Drug Abuse

Information on drugs, drug use, and current research on illicit drugs. Includes a long list of links to other related substance abuse sites.


Office of National Drug Control Policy

A helpful substance abuse site with lots of information on illicit drugs including fact sheets, anti-drug ads and drug indicator profiles. The site also includes a list of drug street terms and links to other related sites.