Links - Youth Issues: Violence



Break the Cycle

The online home to nonprofit organization Break the Cycle whose mission is to engage, educate and empower youth to build lives and communities free from dating and domestic violence. Includes program information, dating and domestic violence information, and info on where to go to get help.


Join Together Online

This site from the Boston University School of Public Health is designed to help those who want to take action against substance abuse and gun violence. News, resources and research are all featured components of this site dealing with these two threats in today's youth culture.


Center for the Prevention of School Violence

The center serves as a primary resource for dealing with the problem of school violence by ensuring that schools are safe, secure and conducive to learning. The site features stats, links, grant information and school violence resources.


Lion and Lamb Project

The mission of the Lion&Lamb Project is to stop the marketing of violence to children. This site offers information on the organization's research, workshops and resources. In addition there's a newsletter, parent action kit and info on violent toys.


National Resource Center for Safe Schools

With concern about school safety at a high point, this site offers information, analysis, and advice on a variety of school safety issues. Included are facts and figures, useful resources, links, and list of hot topics (school uniforms, bullying, warning signs of violence, etc.).


National School Safety Center

Created in 1984, the NSSC serves as a catalyst and advocate for the prevention of school crime and violence by providing information and resources and identifying strategies and promising programs which support safe schools for school children worldwide. The site contains helpful information and resources.


Stop The Violence, Face The Music

Stop The Violence is a volunteer based organization working to counteract negative influence on youth by offering positive solutions and alternatives. The facts and stats are especially helpful.


Early Warning, Timely Response: A Guide to Safe Schools

An online guide created by the Department of Education and Department of Justice to help school personnel, parents, community members and others identify early indicators of troubling and potentially dangerous student behavior.


Bully Free

Bully Free is a site committed to preventing and stopping bullying in all environments (i.e., schools, workplaces, etc.). Their goal is to promote the Golden Rule everywhere. Great site for parents, educators, and youth workers striving to create bully free environments.