Links - Youth Issues: Athletics


National Alliance for Youth Sports

With more and more children and teens playing organized sports, this site is designed to encourage parents, coaches and others to promote healthy participation and sportsmanship. Includes news, articles and other resources, with special sections just for parents, coaches and league administrators.


Healthy Competition

Sports plays a big part in the lives of many youth, and unfortunately the pressure to win means that many of them may resort to the use of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs. This site seeks to educate parents, teens and coaches about the dangers of using these substances.


Center for Sports Parenting

A web-based program that provides parents with guidance and answers to questions and issues related to youth and sport. CSP seeks to help all those involved with youth sports deal with the growing pressures associated with kids and competition in our culture.


Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Founded in 1954, this non-denominational mission ministers to coaches and athletes in high schools and colleges across North America. Visitors can read FCA's newsletter, locate local "huddle" groups, and access articles from their top­notch magazine, Victory.


Sports Spectrum

The web site of this Christian sports magazine is a great place for fans of all ages. Look for stats, athlete testimonies, feature articles, article archives, and links to other sports sites.


Thrasher Magazine

The online home of one of the most popular magazines among skateboarders. offers visitors access to the skating culture including articles, videos, games, music and interviews with top skateboarders. Helpful if you know students involved in the skate culture.