Links - Girls and their Issues



Girl Talk 

Girl talk is a website designed to be "a guide for mothers and daughters to prevent underage drinking." The site encourages mothers and daughters to communicate with each other and to discuss the dangers of alcohol. 

This page on highlights what girls think about virginity. It includes quotes from teen girls and their thoughts about sex, abstinence, and related topics. Demonstrates the broad views that today's teen girls have regarding virginity.


Seventeen Magazine

Long a popular print staple among teenage girls, Seventeen is a powerful cultural force due to the fact that it's read by girls long before they reach their teen years. The site features "fun stuff" along with tips and guidance on fashion, beauty, health, real life, stars and lifestyle.


Girl Zone Teen Webzine

An online community for teen and pre-teen girls, Girl Zone is billed as a site "where every girl is cool." Not from a Biblical perspective, the site offers an open view of sexuality, as well as information on everything from fashion tips and advice, to help in interpreting dreams. A great resource for finding out what issues are important to girls.



This Christian ministry focuses on the importance of applying a healthy balance in the areas of eating, image, and life. Focuses heavily on the problem of ?chronic dieting,? as well as providing information and help to those suffering from other eating disorders.


Girl Tech

Created by a feminist software designer, this site is packed full of information and guidance for girls. Billed as a site that's 'creating a world for the adventurous spirit,' Girl Tech supports a feminist agenda and 'girl power.' Attractive and fun, it's easy to understand the site's appeal to young girls. The site includes areas for parents and teachers as well.


A Girl's World Online Clubhouse

Peek into the world of today's young adolescent girls by visiting this 'space on the Internet that's totally girl-powered.' It's an interactive online magazine for girls, offering advice and guidance on everything of interest to the female middle-school set.


Crimson Ashes

Crimson ashes exists to offer a haven of hope for teenagers and young women who are self-injurers. They also seek to provide educational resources to church leadership, counselors, educators, families, and friends of self-injurers.