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What is 'success' in parenting teens? - An interview with Dr. Paul Tripp, Reprinted with permission from the National Journal Committee of the Presbyterian Church of Australia

Feelings-Someone more than feelings - Teaching teens to base their decisions on God's Word, rather than their own feelings

Motherhood as vocation - What it means to faithfully pursue work as a mom

Prodigals - Let them come home, Reprinted with permission from the September 2007 issue of Decision magazine

Strong fathers in challenging times - How can dads have a lasting positive impact on their children?

Take courage! - Parents and the dreaded conversation (about sex), used by permission from Harvest USA's Harvest News

Perfect parenting? - Dream on parents!

Mirror, mirror - Understanding the messages our teens are receiving about body image, value and self-worth

Living in a "porn is the norm" culture - What parents can do about living in a pornographic culture, used by permission from Harvest USA's Harvest News

Getting and staying in touch - The importance of understanding the world of today's teens

Brokenness...deep and wide - The changing climate of American families

Life at the party - Teens like to party, how can we help them 'party' in a God-honoring manner?

Living and teaching right from wrong - Passing on a biblical view of right and wrong to our kids

See the signs - Helping parents, youth workers and educators be aware of the signs of teen suicide

Love's Got Everything To Do With It! - Teaching our kids about love, relationships, sex, and marriage

Tracy Speaks - An excerpt about Thirteen

Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast - A look at the changing face of adolescent sleepovers

Yes Nate, really! - Passing on the truth of God's commandments to our kids

Back to School Night...Everday! - Do you know who and what is teaching your teen and what they're being taught outside of the classroom?

Beer - Normal and Fun? - What you can do to help your teen stand strong in the face of mounting pressure to use alcohol

To Tell Or Not To Tell - How to respond to Planned Parenthood and teenage sexuality

Remembering Pong - Over 30 years of video games and the role parents should play

Loving Them To Life - Preventive measures parents can take to combat the ugly issue of teen suicide

Don't Give Up! - Encouragement and guidance to parents of teenagers

What Parents and Youth Workers Need to Know About the Millennial Generation - Insight into the emerging generation

How to Help Teens Make Good Decisions - More steps parents can take to help their teenagers make healthy choices as they enter into adulthood.

Keeping It All In Perspective - What kind of sport parent have you been to your teen athlete?

The Importance of a Father in the Home - Written by 11th grader Amanda Lynn Geesey

Goodbye Frankie and Annette - A look at the physical and moral dangers of spring break and how we can encourage our teens to make Godly decisions.

Making the Young Old Before Their Time - the problem with "adultified" teens.

Hey, This isn't Easy! - the struggles of parenting

How to Get More than a Grunt - tips on how to communicate better with your kids.

Helping Teens Make Healthy Decisions - how to help your kids make wise choices in life.

Communicating with Your Teens - more tips on how to communicate with your kids.

Millennial Moral Mess - moral inconsistency in the lives of Christians

It's Time to Give Them Our Time - the problem of teen suicide.

I Love You Just the Way You Are - exhibiting unconditional love in a conditional culture.

I Love You 12 - Twelve traits of a Godly character we should want to see in our children's lives.

Hearing the Cry for Compassion - how to hear the cries of hurting teens and respond Biblically.

An Insider's Look at Getting Involved in School - A primer on how parents can get more involved in their child's education.

Learning from Their Music - a useful tool for exploring the music teens are listening to, and what it says about their lives.

Read Your TV - A primer on how to view television critically. An excellent tool for youth workers, educators, and parents.

Winners or Losers? - We can learn valuable lessons from NOT winning.

The Age of Sideline Rage - when parents and other non-participants get too involved...and the lesson it teaches our kids.

Commodified Kids - more on marketing to kids and how we can help our kids see through the lies of advertising.

Growing Up and Clamming Up Too Soon - an overview of the lives of middle-schoolers and how they feel about their families.

Help! I Think My Teen is Using Drugs - steps to take if you suspect your teen is using drugs.

Teens and Drugs - The Warning Signs- how to tell if someone you love is abusing drugs.

Teen Substance Abuse: The Warning Signs - a checklist of behavioral, social, and physiological signs of drug abuse.