Christian Growth

Click on the links below for articles dealing with the issue of Christian Growth.  For additional information on this topic, please check our news, links, and reading list pages.

Finding campus community - What can be done to help students make wise decisions in how they spend their time and who they spend their time with in college

Making change while making change - Helping teenagers look at their summer jobs as a calling

Identity, world and Word - Helping students find their way through youth culture's current muddled and confusing identity mess

Life after high school: A conversation with ministry veteran Steven Garber - How youth ministries can help students with the transition from high school to college

Affirming doubt - Helping students ask and answer tough questions

Lessons from Pete - God often has interesting ways of teaching us, and others, lessons.

Old Words for a New Culture - Kids are (slowly) speak up!

The Freedom of Forgiveness - Joel Kime, a friend of CPYU, provides a powerful story of personal tragedy and how it led him to a deeper understanding of forgiveness. We've included discussion questions for use in small groups.