Links - Youth Issues: Body Modification


Ink Speaks

A sub-site of the KAOS radio online home, this site offers visitors a place to post pictures of their tattoos along with the story behind the art. With tattoos serving as a powerful form of self-expression, this site opens a window into the world of the tattooed.


Tattoo Tracker

CPYU friend and associate staff member Paul Robertson is conducting interviews to help him in his research of tattoos and the role they play in the lives of today's youth. You can help him out by checking out his Tattoo Tracker, or find valuable youth culture insight by visiting his main website here.


Body Modification Ezine

This site is dedicated to celebrating anything and everything related to body modification. From the mildest of piercings and tattoos to the more extreme manifestations of body modification, this site is very enlightening. Warning: the site is very graphic and includes disturbing images.