Youth Culture 101
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by Walt Mueller

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Thanks for visiting the online home of my book, Youth Culture 101. Here you'll find a categorized list of additional resources, articles, and links that I trust will enrich and expand your understanding of the book's message. We'll be adding to this site on a regular basis, so be sure to come back and visit from time to time. In addition, we'll be adding a discussion guide that you can use to talk about the book in a small group or training setting.


As you can see, this site is categorized by chapters. Just click on the chapter title and you'll find a list of helpful support materials related to that chapter's content. In addition, I would recommend that you do a site search on our site for your topic of interest. Our site is loaded with additional resources on all things youth culture.


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Supplemental Resources and Information



Chapter 1 – Good News: There’s a Teenager in Your Life!

Chapter 2 – The Times. . . They Are a-Changin’

Chapter 3 – Media: The New Face of Nurture

Chapter 4 – The Media: How It’s Shaping Kids

Chapter 5 – Through the Maze: Teaching Kids Media Discernment

Chapter 6 – It All Ads Up: Marketing’s Powerful Influence on Teenagers

Chapter 7 – Fitting In: The Push and Pull of Peer Pressure

Chapter 8 – Hooking Up: Understanding Our Sexualized Youth Culture

Chapter 9 – Living In A Material World

Chapter 10 - Under the Influence: Teenagers and Substance Abuse

Chapter 11 - When Adolescence Hurts: The Dark World of Teenage Depression and Suicide

Chapter 12 - Especially for Parents: Helping Your Teenagers Find Their Places in God’s Story





Forum Discussion


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