CPYU Seminars


Designed to focus on the unique pressures and influences young people face in a postmodern world, CPYU seminars help anyone who loves and works with children and teens to better understand these pressures and challenges from a distinctively Christian perspective. Hope and encouragement are offered to participants by challenging and equipping them to respond with solid and practical tools. Click on the names of the speakers to read their bios, or click on the seminar title to see a full seminar description.


The Center for Parent/Youth Understanding currently has the following speakers available:


CPYU Seminar Speakers

Seminar Titles

/files/Staff Photos/2010/Walt Mueller.jpg
Walt Mueller

/files/Staff Photos/Derek Melleby - New - Web Size.jpg
Derek Melleby

/files/Staff Photos/Paul Robertson - New.jpg
Paul Robertson

/files/Staff Photos/Marv Penner - Small.jpg
Marv Penner

/files/Seminars/Broken Kids/Rich - Thumbnail.jpg
Rich Van Pelt

/files/Staff Photos/Duffy Robbins - Web Thumbnail.jpg
Duffy Robbins

/files/Staff Photos/Amy Flavin - Small.JPG
Amy Flavin

/files/Staff Photos/Jason Soucinek - Website Small.jpg
Jason Soucinek

/files/Staff Photos/John Fischer - Small.jpg
John Fischer


CPYU Seminar costs


To request a seminar now, please fill out our on-line request form.  If you have more questions about a seminar or conference, please email us or call us toll-free at 800-807-CPYU.