Building Families That Build Healthy People

One of the most common problems we face in our families is the business and pace of daily living: work responsibilities, school, sports, church, family relationships, we all know the drill. There’s not much time to think about direction when we’re all traveling at the speed of life. This seminar will give us an opportunity to pull over and look at the map, to regain a sense of perspective and direction. What are our goals as a family? And, in the midst of the busy-ness and the dizziness of our children’s teenage years can we settle on some basic priorities as a family?

We’ll go back to Scripture to see what kinds of priorities God sets for his people:

  • What does it mean to help our children “become like Jesus”?
  • In what sense are we to help our teenagers be “no longer children” as they move into adolescence?
  • Is my child “called to ministry”? Am I? What does that mean?
  • What does real life discipleship look like in the life of a teenager?
  • Why is it so important that we nurture in our students a “first-hand faith”?