Intentional Parenting - Helping Teenagers to Grow Spiritually

At the end of the day, it isn‘t the church, the youth group, Oprah, Bono or VeggieTales who is responsible for nurturing the spiritual lives of our children. That responsibility is ours; and what a precious, weighty, sometimes exhilarating and sometimes difficult calling it is! But, what does real life discipleship look like in the life of a teenager? Is there really any such thing as ateenage disciple? This seminar offers parents encouragement and practical guidance as we undertake this sacred task.

You’ll learn some of the basic traits of teenage discipleship:

  • A first-hand faith
  • A faith that affects the heart and the head
  • A faith that impacts everyday life
  • A faith that endures even in the midst of struggle
  • A faith that becomes flesh