To Hug or Not To Hug: Loving Kids Well in our #metoo Culture

Youth ministry has always needed to adapt and adjust to changes in the mainstream culture. With the advent of the #metoo movement and our growing knowledge of the nature and extent of sexual abuse, youth workers must be thinking about how to best engage with students in ways that lead to healthy relationship building. Is it ever proper to give a student a hug? What about car rides, lunches, or having one-on-one meetings with kids? What are the borders and boundaries we need to enlist to insure that none of us or our volunteers cross lines that would thrill the enemy, undermine ministries, or do harm to the kids who have been entrusted to our care?

In this seminar Marv Penner offers wisdom and helps us answer the question, “To hug or not to hug? How Do we love kids well in our #metoo culture?