Tackling the Tough Stuff

An all-day CPYU seminar tackling the tough teen issues of suicidedepression, self-injury, narcissism and pornography.

Presented by Walt Mueller and Marv Penner

tough_stuff_title_blackTraveling the road from childhood to adulthood has never been an easy venture. In today’s increasingly complex world, growing through the years of adolescence is especially difficult and confusing. The culture throws all kinds of tough challenges at kids. . . challenges that pull them away from the flourishing that comes by choosing to live in God’s story, while encouraging them to live in stories that lead to difficulty and heartache.

This one-day CPYU training seminar will equip you to help the children and teens you know and love navigate some of the most pervasive and difficult problems thrown at them by the world today. Youth specialists Walt Mueller and Marv Penner will help you unpack and respond to the tough stuff in kids’ lives, including the push to focus on one’s self, the growing problem of self-injury, the pervasiveness of pornography, and depression and suicide. You will leave with practical hope-filled strategies for equipping kids to hear and follow God’s voice in the midst of a world that bombards them with tough stuff.

Tackling the Tough Stuff follows the general schedule below:
Welcome to a World of Tough Stuff
Tough Stuff 1: Narcissism
Tough Stuff 2: Self-Injury
Lunch Break
Tough Stuff 3: Pornography
Tough Stuff 4: Depression and Suicide
Ministering in the Midst of Tough Stuff, Q and A

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