Under the Influence: Kids and Substance Abuse

Abusing drugs and alcohol has played too large a role in the teenage experience for way too long. The dangers, consequences, and moral issues related to teen substance abuse are significant and far-reaching. What can and should parents and youth workers do to prepare their kids for life in a world that promotes and even values the abuse of drugs and alcohol? In this two-hour seminar, Walt will share the latest information on what drugs kids are abusing and just how widespread that use is. You will also learn about the reasons why kids are drawn to drugs and alcohol, the results of substance abuse, and how to respond with Biblically-based preventive and redemptive strategies.

Under the Influence utilizes audio and video clips throughout the presentation.

This seminar is available in a 2 hour format. It can also be combined with other topics as part of a longer format seminar or conference.