Engaging the Soul of Youth Culture

Whether you realize it or not, all parents and youthworkers are called to a cross-cultural missions endeavor. In today’s emerging postmodern cultural landscape – and for whatever lies beyond – it’s increasingly important for parents and youthworkers to not only know the unchanging Word, but also to know and understand our rapidly changing cultural context. In this seminar, Walt takes participants through the Apostle Paul’s engagement with the pagan Athenian culture of Acts 17 and guides them into a practical understanding of how to engage the emerging generations of today’s world by doing Mars Hilll Ministry in today’s culture. He introduces participants to a ministry paradigm that seriously considers cultural expressions including media, music, film, and advertising to increase ministry effectiveness and ability to communicate God’s life-giving story of Creation, Fall, and Redemption.

Engaging the Soul of Youth Culture utilizes audio and video clips throughout the presentation.

This seminar is available in two basic formats:

Short Version – Length: Minimum 2 1/2 hours

In this shorter version, Walt overviews all of the topics listed above. This format is suitable for an evening presentation.

Longer Version – Length: 6 hours

In this longer version, Walt digs deeper into the topics listed above. The longer format allows for more audience interaction and feedback. This format is best given over the course of a Saturday morning and afternoon with breaks and lunch worked into the schedule.

Other formats are available and offered for conferences, seminars, retreats, meetings and community programs. To discuss schedule variations and honorariums, please contact the CPYU office.