Download: Teaching Teenagers to Filter Their Media Choices

Popular music and media are everywhere. Whether kids are 8 or 18, popular music serves as a soundtrack and guide to their journey from childhood into adulthood. In this seminar, Walt focuses on the world of popular music and the powerful role it plays in students’ lives – while providing informative and practical principles that can be applied to all popular media. In addition, parents and youthworkers will be challenged and equipped to think and respond “Christianly” to today’s music and media as you’re trained with a practical tool you can use to teach the kids you know and love to do the same.

Download utilizes audio and video clips throughout the presentation.

Presented in 2-3 hours, Download is suitable for an evening seminar.

Other formats are available and offered for conferences, seminars, retreats, meetings and community programs. To discuss schedule variations and honorariums, please contact the CPYU office.