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Deepfakes, Teens, and Pornography. . . Raising Awareness. . .

A little less than a year ago, the word “deepfake” was added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. The term surged to popularity as deepfake videos and technology were reportedly threatening to manipulate elections. If you aren’t familiar with deepfakes, the dictionary defines a deepfake as “an image or recording that has been convincingly altered and manipulated... more »

Deepfake Pornography

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Pornography Exposure

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Pandemic Pornography Use Is Increasing. . . A Response. . .

It’s not at all surprising that a host of news outlets and researchers are reporting a spike in the use of online pornography during the current Covid-19 pandemic. People of all ages. . . children, teens, and adults alike. . . are hunkered down during the stay-at-home quarantine with extra time, stress, social distancing, loneliness,... more »

Episode 104: “Pornography Use During the Pandemic” with Michael Cusick

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Kids, Smartphones, and Pornography. . .

“At what age should I allow my son to have his own smartphone?” Without a doubt, that’s the question I get asked by parents of pre-teen boys and girls more than any other. The question is asked because wise parents who have a clue are aware of two conflicting matters. First, their children are sure... more »

13-Year-Olds, Smartphones, and Pornography. . .

Last night I finished reading Rachael Denhollander’s sobering book, What Is A Girl Worth?, which tells the story of her courageous leadership in exposing the systemic sexual abuse of young female athletes by Dr. Larry Nassar. I can’t recommend this book enough. For those of us who might be ignorant of the breadth, depth, and... more »

Pornography Exposure

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A Short Word To Parents About Kids And Pornography. . . And A Free Download. . .

In a perfect world, God-honoring and loving Dads and Moms will lead their children into a healthy and balanced Biblical understanding of their sexuality that will yield a lifetime of equally God-honoring sexual values, attitudes, and behaviors. Sadly, we don’t live in a perfect world. We live in a world that’s now saturated with easily... more »

DriveTime Podcast – Series 2: Ep 2 – Talking To Your Kids About Pornography

In the second episode of the new series of DriveTime Jason Soucinek and Walt Mueller tackle the difficulty of speaking about pornography with your children. These conversations can be intimidating and full of fear but they are needed. Acknowledging the awkwardness will help you as you prepare. But making sure the conversation takes place within a grander conversation of... more »

DriveTime Podcast – Series 2: Ep 1 – What’s The Big Deal Surrounding Pornography?

In the second series premiere of DriveTime Jason Soucinek and Walt Mueller tackle the pitfalls of pornography. As the impact pornography is having in our culture continues to be revealed it is important we understand its influence. Parents need to be equipped to have honest conversations and find ways to best protect the home. The first episode starts with... more »