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YS Idea Lab – Walt Mueller: Teens and Technology

During this YS Idea lab, filmed on location at the National Youth Workers Convention in 2013, CPYU President Walt Mueller discusses how to help teens use technology wisely and set appropriate boundaries. more »

Lexington, SC: How Technology Changes Kids Forever

CPYU Associate Staff Paul Robertson will present “How Technology Changes Kids Forever” at various presentations. The revolution in the living room is well under way. Our children can no longer be separated from digital technology and it is having a serious effect on all areas of their development. Everything from how their brains grow to... more »

Technology and Loneliness. . .

Here’s a powerful little short animated film that’s worth five minutes of your time. . . and then additional time pondering/discussing. Show it to parents. Show it to kids. Talk about it. I watched this powerful little piece of social commentary on an Air Canada flight earlier this week. It reminded me of Marshall Mcluhan’s... more »

How Young is Too Young for Digital Technology and Social Media?

A blog post from Fuller Youth Institute (that mentions CPYU’s Digital Kids Initiative “Family Digital Covenant of Conduct” ) discusses the appropriate age children and teens should use digital technology. Read the blog post here. more »

Richmond, VA – Understanding How Technology Influences Family

CPYU Associate Staff Paul Robertson will make a presentation for the Virginia Baptist Mission Board’s Youth Ministry Forum. more »

Driving Through the Garage Door. . . Thoughtlessness and Technology. . .

Jeff Van Gundy admits he wasn’t thinking. . . at least not about what he should have been thinking about. At the time, Van Gundy was the coach of basketball’s New York Knicks. Driving home after a game, he was preoccupied with thinking about how his team could have stopped Grant Hill. He pulled into... more »

Technology and Kids. . . Good? Bad? Ugly? . . .

Courtesy of: Online Schools Yesterday this infographic on “The Millennial Teenager” was making the rounds. My buddy Doug Fields posted it over on his blog. I gave it a quick look over there and was curious as to how Doug’s commenters were responding to his multi-faceted question: “What do we do about this reality? Curse... more »

Episode 88: What Youth Culture Did On Summer Vacation

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Pride and Self-Promotion. . . A Warning For Parents, Youth Workers And The Rest Of Us. . .

“My greatest character trait is my humility.” Those words were uttered tongue-in-cheek by a friend back in college and I’ve heard the same thing said by others several times since. Always a joke. But I wonder if we’re predisposed to actually believing it. If so, our ignorance and self-deception is going to kill us. My... more »

ScreenTime – Diane Sawyer Reporting

Diane Sawyer takes a look at the issue of family screen time in a special report for ABC News. View the video here. From the ABC News page: Today, American adults spend the equivalent of 49 days a year on their phone and tablets. For six months, Sawyer and her team traveled across the country... more »