DriveTime Podcast: Episode 2 – Defining Sexual Integrity

For the second episode of DriveTime Jason Soucinek and Walt Mueller help parents give a clear definition to sexual integrity. As each passing generation is waiting longer and longer to marry it is becoming more and more difficult to follow God’s standard for sex. For almost two thousand years young people only waited one or two years from the time of puberty (physical changes communicating readiness to create life) until they married. Today, because of nutrition and other factors, the onset of puberty is generally younger and most young adults are waiting until their late 20’s to marry. This means that if they are going to follow God’s standards for sex they might wait as long as 15 years (or more) from the time their body is ready for sex until they marry. That is a long time! And that is why the definition of sexual integrity and the message given must resonate in ways that transcend rules and boundaries. Unfortunately abstinence and purity don’t always encapsulate this truth.

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