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DriveTime Podcast – Series 2: Ep 1 – What’s The Big Deal Surrounding Pornography?

In the second series premiere of DriveTime Jason Soucinek and Walt Mueller tackle the pitfalls of pornography. As the impact pornography is having in our culture continues to be revealed it is important we understand its influence. Parents need to be equipped to have honest conversations and find ways to best protect the home. The first episode starts with...
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DriveTime Podcast: Episode 6 – Be Encouraged!

In this final episode Jason Soucinek and Walt Mueller want to give you, the parent, words of encouragement and affirmation. Tackling the subject of sexuality is not an easy task. So recognizing that your voice matters is incredibly important! Take time to listen to these words of affirmation and reflect on the tools already given...
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Media Spotlight: “The Edge of Success 2018” Film Trailer

The Edge of Success 2018 from Jeremy Carroll on Vimeo.
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