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“When you think about what TRL was, it was social media, in many ways, before social media existed. It was about creating those unique and iconic moments, whether it was Britney and Justin together, or whether it was Jay-Z and Beyoncé, whether it was shutting down Times Square with Eminem. It was these moments that...
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Episode 36: “’13 Reasons Why’: A Discussion” with Amy Flavin and Kara Twining

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Super Bowl Commercials: Watch Them Here

View all the commercials airing during Super Bowl LI on by clicking here. Also be sure to check out CPYU’s Ad Filtering Questions. You can download them here.
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CPYU’s Ad Filtering Questions for Super Bowl LI

Does marketing work? You bet! If it didn’t work, then why are companies willing to fork out $5 million for a 30-second commercial spot during this year’s Super Bowl? If you’re one of those parents or youth workers who plan on shutting off the commercials during the Super Bowl, let me ask you one question:...
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