What is a Teenager?

A parent/youth worker guide to adolescent development.

One moment they’re still your little angel…the next it’s total chaos!! They’re up…they’re down…what is going on?! What’s happening is adolescent development and despite the seeming unpredictability, it’s actually very normal. To help us understand what’s going on, Amy Flavin will begin by walking us through the three domains of development…physical, cognitive and emotional/social. As we come to understand these areas, we’ll be in a position to help guide them through the angst and craziness unique to adolescence. Also in this seminar will be the opportunity to take things to a personal level as participants are challenged to remember their own experiences and developmental milestones that took place during their adolescent years. Participants will walk away from this seminar with a better understanding of their own adolescent story and more equipped to help kids navigate their adolescent years.