Growing Up In A Porn is the Norm World

Gone are the days when a boy would have to work to find pornography. New technologies have combined with our brokenness to create a world where even the youngest of kids will be found by pornography long before they might go looking for it themselves. In this seminar, Walt Mueller looks at how the pervasive presence of pornography is shaping youth culture and our kids. We will look beyond the facts to discover the influence pornography has in young lives, along with looking at practical hope-filled strategies for equipping kids to live Godly lives in the midst of a culture where pornography has been normalized.

Presented in 2-3 hours, Growing Up In A Porn Is The Norm World is suitable for an evening seminar.

Other formats are available and offered for conferences, seminars, retreats, meetings and community programs. To discuss schedule variations and honorariums, please contact the CPYU office.