Sexual Jump Start: Diving Into "The BIG Talk"

Presented by Walt Mueller and Jason Soucinek

Finding ways to discuss sexual integrity with your son or daughter can be daunting, especially in the midst of everything we are learning about sex in the media. Walt Mueller and Jason Soucinek speak candidly about this subject teaching both youth and adults how to engage each other effectively and with discernment.


Session 1 (Adults): What messages does our culture send our kids about love, sex, and marriage? As parents, how can we begin to frame our conversations that expose culture’s lies while inviting our kids to consider God’s positive and life-giving design for love, sex, and marriage? In this session, Walt Mueller will walk parents through an introductory look at the sexual landscapes of today’s rapidly changing youth culture and the unchanging Word of God.

Session 1 (Youth): Jason Soucinek will help motivate and move teenagers and young adults from their apathetic, “sex is not a big deal, why wait?” attitude to an understanding of their bodies, the gift of sex/sexuality, and why waiting is possible.

Session 2 (Adults and Youth Together): During this time questions and answers from the break out time with youth and adults will be answered in the larger group context.

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