Associate Staff Virtual Parent Seminars

CPYU has expanded their Virtual Parent Seminar offerings! Introducing Virtual Parent Seminars offered by various CPYU Associate Staff.

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Are you looking for ways to continue your ministry to parents during these difficult days where parent ministry is more necessary than ever before? Would you like to “bring” CPYU to your church in spite of Covid-induced limitations on travel and gatherings? We have created an opportunity for you to bring a CPYU Associate Staff member to your church in a personal, live, real-time, virtual format through the gift of online meeting technology. Each seminar has been adapted into one-hour seminar options (with optional Q and A) that you can now book at a time that is most convenient for you and your parent group. Participants can join as they gather in one place together, or from their own homes.

Honorarium Costs:
$750 for a 1 hour Seminar
optional 30 minutes of Q & A for an additional $100

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Check out the Associate Staff Virtual Parent Seminars available below:


Talking About Sexuality In Your Home (by Jason Soucinek)

It’s not enough to quote Bible verses to our kids, or to give a one-off talk on sexuality. We need to show our youth how beautiful the Creator’s vision for human flourishing really is, so that our kids not only believe it – but desire it. In this virtual seminar, Jason will equip and empower parents to communicate and disciple their kids as they align their sexual lives with the Creator’s grand design. Parents will walk away with practical tips for better communication when it comes to the crucial and complex conversations surrounding sex, sexuality, and gender. Begin booking this seminar by clicking here.


Porn Protecting Your Home When Everyone Is Online (by Jason Soucinek)

As the world moved online for school and work we’ve seen an increase in the number of individuals exposed to or struggling with pornography. The unfortunate truth is that porn is everywhere. Porn influences the images we see in social media and even the way we use the internet. In this practical and needed virtual seminar, Jason will tackle the subject of porn in ways that transcend the shame often associated with this subject and begin a dialogue that will help parents and pastors better address the lies communicated in porn and find ways to help protect the home. Begin booking this seminar by clicking here.


The Morning Sickness Principle and Other Words of Encouragement for Parents Locked Up with Their Children (by Duffy Robbins)

This COVID era has been stressful for all of us, and the daily grind of on-line learning, virtual work, and being hunkered down inside the house with the same faces over several long months has made everybody a little crazy. Sound principles, authentic encouragement and maybe even a little laughter can make the difference between proactive parenting and hand-to-hand combat. Join us for this virtual parenting seminar to learn about:

  • The Incarnation Principle, and how it reminds us that good parenting is like teaching your child to drive a car;
  • The Baby Step Principle, and why wise parents learn to celebrate small victories;
  • The Emperor Penguin Principle, and what it says about the importance of patience;
  • The Morning Sickness Principle, and why we go through labor twice with each child.
  • The Big Picture principle, and the importance of helping our children remember there’s more to the Story than first meets the eye.

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