Seminar Costs

CPYU Seminar Honorarium Scale

An Important Word About CPYU Seminar Costs and Honorariums

We are grateful for your interest in having CPYU partner with you at your event. Once you complete a seminar request form, we will carefully evaluate your request.

As you complete the seminar request form, please be sure to list your budgeted honorarium. CPYU has carefully established a scale of suggested honorariums to serve as a guideline as you budget. We promise to carefully evaluate your speaker request form and budget parameters as we make our best effort to work with you to make your event happen.

Our honorariums are not fees collected personally by the CPYU speaker. Because we have chosen to function as a non-profit mission organization, all honorariums are paid directly to CPYU and go to support our ongoing work. Your honorarium allows us to research, prepare, and deliver cutting-edge content with excellence, while providing you and your constituency with ongoing content and resources long after your event. In addition, our honorarium scale reflects our commitment to good stewardship of our ministry and message, along with a fair scale of compensation to CPYU for the amount of time that events require our staff to be away from family and home.

Our staff pledges to search for and then book the most cost-effective travel options with you and your budget in mind. For presentations occurring over a weekend, the presenter usually arrives on Friday afternoon or evening.  Every attempt is made to have the presenter leave on Saturday evening if flight schedules and costs allow. For weeknight presentations, the presenter will attempt to arrive the morning or afternoon of a presentation, and depart the following morning.

In addition to the suggested honorariums noted, there are ADDITIONAL costs to the suggested honorarium noted for travel and travel related costs, lodging (we require hotel accommodations), meals, and shipping of CPYU material.

Our suggested honorariums are listed below:

Suggested Honorarium for Walt Mueller

Understanding Today’s Youth Culture
Smoke and Mirrors: How Marketing Shapes and Manipulates Your Students and What You Can Do About It
Engaging the Soul of Youth Culture
Download: Teaching Teenagers to Filter Their Media Choices
Ministry in a Culture of Narcissism: Working with Students Who Adore Me, Myself, and I
Born 2 B Wired
Hyper-Connected 24/7: Kids and Social Media
Growing Up In A Porn Is The Norm World
The Digital Brain: Understanding Technology’s Impact On Our Kids
Under the Influence: Kids and Substance Abuse

  • One day morning and afternoon seminar of 3 or 4 sessions – total of 6 hours – $3,750
  • 2 hour seminar – $2,000
  • Optional Add on: $300 for an additional night stay, and $1,500 for an additional presentation the next day

No Parent Left Behind

  • 3 hour seminar  – $2,750

Suggested Honorarium for Paul Robertson

Understanding Today’s Youth Culture
Automatic Updates: How Technology Changes Kids Forever
7 Youth Culture Trends Every Parent or Youth Worker Should Know
Setting Boundaries to Build Character
Understanding a Generation Who Adore Themselves
Understanding the Five Cries of Caring Parents
Understanding Why They Do the Things They Do

  • One day morning and afternoon seminar of 3 or 4 sessions – total of 6 hours – $2,500
  • 3 hour seminar – $1,250

Suggested Honorarium for Marv Penner

Helping Hurting Kids
Hope and Healing for Those Who Self- Injure
Come Together: Parent/Teen Communication
Parenting With Purpose
The Spiritual Nurture of Children and Teens
Losing My Religion

  • $3,000 per seminar in lengths from 2 to 8 hours.

Suggested Honorarium for Amy Flavin

What is a Teenager?
Teens and Sex
Slim To None
Under The Influence
Who Am I and Why Do I Hate My Body?!
Growing Them Healthy

  • $1,250 per seminar in length up to 3 hours.

Suggested Honorarium for Duffy Robbins

Please contact Cliff Frick via e-mail, or call him at 717-361-8429 to discuss the suggested honorarium for Duffy Robbins.