Just Add Parents: Ready-To-Use Parent Meetings

The first installment of CPYU’s Just Add Parents series is now available!

We’ve got your parent meeting covered! All you need to do is Just Add Parents. Order today!

Each installment in the “Just Add Parents’ series addresses a topic of interest and need related to the pressures children and teens face in today’s youth culture.
This product is available as either a digital download or packaged on a physical USB drive.

The first installment, “Tech-Sensible Parenting,” is designed to raise the awareness of technology’s life-shaping role for children and teens, inform parents of some of the “danger zones,” and equip them to prepare their kids to engage with technology in positive Christ-centered ways.

The plug-and-play meeting features 3 ten-minute video teaching segments from CPYU’s Walt Mueller, each followed up with small group discussion. Perfect for use in a parent meeting or Sunday School class.

The teaching content is designed to not only inform parents regarding cultural issues, but equip them to respond to these unfolding contemporary realities in a Gospel-centered and God-honoring practical manner, all with the goal of helping parents lead their children and teens into believing and behaving “Christianly” in today’s rapidly changing youth culture.

Just Add Parents: “Tech-Sensible Parenting” includes:

  • 3-ten minute video teaching segments from CPYU’s Walt Mueller
  • Questions for small group discussion
  • Articles and fact sheets that can be distributed to parents
  • Promotional graphics

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More installments in the Just Add Parents series will be added in the coming months.

Send us your feedback or let us know which topics you’d like us to address in future installments!