Virtual Parent Seminars

Are you looking for ways to continue your ministry to parents during these difficult days where parent ministry is more necessary than ever before? Would you like to “bring” CPYU’s Walt Mueller to your church in spite of Covid-induced limitations on travel and gatherings? We have created an opportunity for you to bring Walt to your church in a personal, live, real-time, virtual format through the gift of online meeting technology. We’ve adapted our content into four different one-hour seminar options (with optional Q and A) that you can now book at a time that is most convenient for you and your parent group. Participants can join as they gather in one place together, or from their own homes.

Honorarium Costs:
$750 for a 1 hour Seminar
optional 30 minutes of Q & A for an additional $100

Virtual Parent Seminars from Walt Mueller

Understanding and Addressing Anxiety In Your Kids

Because they’re growing up in a perfect storm where developmental, relational, and cultural pressures have converged, our kids are experiencing anxiety and mental health issues at epidemic rates. What is anxiety? What can we do to ease the stress in their lives? And, how can we help guide our kids into responding to stress and anxiety in ways that bring honor and glory to God? In this practical and hope-filled seminar, Walt will launch parents on a journey into understanding and addressing the growing tide of adolescent anxiety. Begin booking this seminar by clicking here.

Understanding and Addressing Anxiety in your Kids
Cultural Forces Shaping Children and Teens Today

Cultural Forces Shaping Children and Teens Today

Our kids are growing up in a world that powerfully shapes and mis-shapes their values, attitudes, and behaviors. What are the major cultural forces that are influencing the worldviews of children and teens today? How can we begin to temper the negative influences that present challenges for Christian parents? In this practical and hope-filled seminar, Walt will pull back the curtain on a handful of the most-influential and often-overlooked trends which parents can and must address in the home. Begin booking this seminar by clicking here.

On-Purpose Parenting in Uncertain Times

Over the course of the last several months, life has changed in big, big ways. As parents, we find ourselves having to navigate difficult uncharted waters as every member of our family adjusts to new ways of living. In addition to facing a pandemic, culture has been changing at breakneck speed and many parents are left scratching their heads at how to best respond. In this seminar, Walt will invite parents to catch their breath and regroup as we consider together some of the best God-honoring practices we can embrace during our parenting journey. Begin booking this seminar by clicking here.

On Purpose Parenting In Uncertain Times

Tech-Smart Parenting: How To Help Kids Flourish In a World of Smartphones and Social Media

Our kids are increasingly tethered to their technology and social media. And while these tools can be used in healthy ways, they can also very easily undermine the well-being of children and teens. It’s our parental responsibility to teach them how to live a responsible, balanced, and healthy life with smartphones and social media. In this seminar, Walt will take you into the world of kids and their hyper-connections, looking at why the connections are important, how those connections shape their lives, and what we can do to nurture them into living to the Glory of God in their hyper-connected world. Begin booking this seminar by clicking here.