I know several parents who have weathered the storm of rebellious teens to watch their children grow up with a faith that has become their own. In fact, many of them have embraced the storm knowing that in the long run, their child will be better for having gone through the difficulty. When I ask them how they got through it, they consistently offer these simple and valuable suggestions to parents who are still facing this challenge: Be diligent in teaching young children by precept and example.  Don’t be upset when your children start to ask questions.  Encourage your teen to be a vital part of your church.  Openly share your own doubts and struggles.  Never, ever forget that spiritual growth is a process.  Remember that spiritual maturity is born out of struggle.  Never stop praying for your kids. And don’t ever think that the story is over. God’s ways are not our ways. And His script for our story and the story of our kids is not the script we would write.