“My greatest character trait is my humility.” Those words were uttered tongue-in-cheek by a friend back in college and I’ve heard the same thing said by others several times since. It’s always said as a joke. But I wonder if we’re predisposed to actually believing it. If so, our ignorance and self-deception is going to kill us. In her book Praying Through The Bible For Your Kids, Nancy Guthrie addresses the issue of pride in this  entry. “Pride is such a sneaky sin, especially when it is at the heart of our motivation for doing something that isn’t necessarily a sin. How we need, and how our children need, to examine what is driving us – especially when we want to count the ‘likes’ on our social media post, the wins or records set in athletics, or the number of A’s on our children’s report cards. What we need is for God to do whatever it takes to humble us so that we will not be seduced by the sin of pride.” Parents, prayerfully ask the Lord to help you and your kids deal with the cancerous sin of pride.