All this week we’re looking at how to talk to our kids about the issue of pornography. My friend Nicholas Black, who helps people deal with sexual brokenness through his ministry at Harvest USA, offers some suggestions on what to tell your kids about the dangers of pornography. Nicholas says that we need to help our kids see that pornography will isolate them from healthy dating relationships. Viewing pornography is all about fantasy. It’s not reality. It removes sex from the intimacy of a marriage between one man and one woman, and makes it all about you. Pornography enslaves you to a thought life that is unable to acknowledge the needs and desires of someone else. Real intimacy requires an investment in someone else. Your kids need to know that indulging in pornography can make it difficult to develop genuine affection towards their boyfriend or girlfriend. God wants all of us to realize the intimacy for which He made us. Pornography shipwrecks it all.