When you’re with your kids and engaging media together, why not use the things you see and hear as an opportunity to offer biblical correctives to the messages the media gets wrong? Here are three categories of messages to look for and answer with biblical truth. First, there are the ideologies. This is the stuff of worldview formation. In today’s world the message is one that convincingly tells us that our highest and most noble goal in life is to be true to yourself. Second, there are the messages about identity. We now choose to be self-defined rather than Creator-defined. Today, we develop our identities based on what we choose rather than on the givenness of our God-made humanity. We believe we can find rest in who we choose to be rather than in who we are as image-bearers in Christ. Third, there is the pressure to fabricate, curate, and promote our image that is seen by the world. This pressure wrongly convinces kids that “I am what I look like. . . and what people think of me.”