U.S. News and World Report recently ran a piece entitled “Five Concerning Trends That Affect The Health of the iGeneration.” Each the of the five trends warrant our attention and our response. First, there’s the reality of our kids spending lots of time staring at screens. There are far too many negative outcomes from too much screen time to list here. The best response is to limit screen time, and as some suggest, don’t let kids on social media until they are sixteen years old. Second, there is the trend toward anxiety and depression. Not surprisingly, one of the main causes of anxiety and depression is too much time on their devices. Third, is the growing number of kids who vape. We need to parent them into seeing the dangers of nicotine use. Fourth, is the rise in kids using marijuana. We need to help them see that drug use is dangerous. And finally, there is a rise in suicide. These trends remind us that our kids need to rest in the hope of the Gospel. Are you pointing your kids to the Cross?