A Car Theft Social Media Challenge

From time to time I will inform you of the latest social media challenge going viral among teens. Some of these can be fun. But many of these challenges are dangerous or even deadly. One of the latest social media challenges police departments across the country are encountering is one that encourages young TikTok viewers to steal two particular brands of cars – Kia and Hyundai – and then take off with them for a reckless joyride that is then documented through video and posted on social media. The instructional videos offer detailed instructions on how to break into, hotwire, and start particular models. Police data shows that thanks to this social media challenge, Kias and Hyundais make up fifty-eight percent of vehicle thefts in Milwaukee, and forty-nine percent of vehicle thefts in grand rapids. Parents, this reminds us to teach God’s moral standards to our kids. In addition, it reminds us to not only monitor and limit social media use, but to monitor where are kids are at all times.