A Dangerous Energy Drink

With over twenty-three million subscribers to his YouTube channel, actor and professional wrestler Logan Paul is a true celebrity influencer. Evidence of his influence among our kids is the popularity of his line of energy drinks, known as Prime. The drink is so popular among middle schoolers that it’s selling out, and parents of kids obsessed with the brand are looking everywhere for it. The drink is pricey and can cost several dollars per bottle. Some kids have created a second-hand market where they resell the bottles to friends at school at jacked up prices. The drink’s colorful packaging and fancy names like Meta Moon and Ice Pop, making them particularly marketable to kids. Parents, you need to be aware that dieticians are issuing warnings about Prime, as it contains about two hundred millegrams of Caffeine, which is twice that of a Red Bull or Monster. They are warning that they can be addictive, cause depression, insomnia, irregular heart beats, and high blood pressure. Parents, beware.