A New Adolescent Health Issue

The National Kidney Foundation reports that about ten percent of people in the united states will have to deal with a kidney stone at some point during their lives. While I’ve been spared the agony myself, some of you have firsthand knowledge of just how painful a kidney stone can be. The data suggests that kidney stones are most common among middle-aged, Caucasian men. But doctors are now reporting that they’re seeing a marked increase in kidney stones among teenagers, especially among our teenaged girls. While researchers are still trying to figure out what’s causing this, they are speculating that it’s a combination of diets high in ultra-processed foods, the increased use of antibiotics early in life, and dehydration. Some hospitals are even opening pediatric stone clinics to deal with this issue. Parents, since we have given the responsibility by God to serve as stewards of our children’s health, make sure your kids are drinking enough water, and eating foods that are healthy.