Today, I’d like to share a prayer for ourselves and our kids as we navigate our confusing times. Lord, keep us from sliding with or without thought into the path of spiritual suicide, the easy contemporary path where we wander from your timeless and unchanging Word. Foster in us a keen awareness of our bent to wander, knowingly and unknowingly, off of your well-lit path of holiness and righteousness, and onto the over-populated dark path which is crammed with the world, the flesh, and the devil. May we clearly discern truth from error so that we might not diminish your image in any person, or remake you in our own image through the same rebellious pride that took our first parents out of the garden. Grant us grace that we may ever live under your authority, rather than falling into the deadly trap of believing that we can somehow force you to live under ours. Father, we pray that all of us, young and old alike, would hunger and thirst to live under your authority and your authority alone. Amen.