One of our great responsibilities as Christian parents is to teach our children to pray and how to pray as they journey through life. As you know, there is much to navigate in today’s youth culture. I’ve found this prayer from the martyred sixteenth century reformer John Bradford to be a great prayer to teach. “Jesus, life is a pilgrimage. I came from the Lord and I will return to the Lord. I may pass through dangerous places. O Christ, be my guide. Take me in your hand. Open my eyes. Make your highways known to me. Put up some fences to keep me safe. You are the way, the truth, and the life. Lead me to the Father. Let me be one with him the way you and God are together one. Amen.” John Bradford’s prayer is a beautiful and wise prayer not only for our kids, but for us as well. We need to learn how to navigate the challenges that life throws in our way as the enemy endeavors to trip us up as we seek to follow and serve Jesus Christ. Parents, pray regularly for and with your children!