One of the ways that we can stay up to date on the rapid changes in today’s culture is to pay attention to the dictionary. You see, new words are added and words deemed outdated are removed on a regular basis thanks to how our culture is morphing and changing. For example, the folks at dictionary.com told us a few months ago that their latest revisions included three hundred and thirteen new dictionary entries, one hundred and thirty new definitions, and one thousand one hundred and forty revised definitions. One sphere of life that’s always adding and changing words is the sphere of our understanding of sex and gender. One new word added this year is abrosexual. The prefix abro comes from a Greek word meaning graceful, delicate, and pretty. The dictionary defines this adjective as noting or relating to a person whose sexual orientation is fluid or fluctuating over time. Parents, this reflects how culture is defining sexuality. We must lean into God’s unchanging Word to define our sexuality.