Little girls love the American Girl line of dolls. My two adult daughters still have their American Girl dolls from their childhood, and my grand daughters are now enjoying the dolls and all their accessories. I’ve known a couple of families who have even made the pilgrimage to the American Girl Doll store in New York City so that their daughters could pick out dolls for themselves. The American Girl 2021 Doll of the year is like all other American girl Dolls. She has a story. This year’s doll is a ten-year old name Kira Bailey who hails from Michigan. As the story goes, Kira’s adventure is a trip to Australia with her mom, where she stays at an animal sanctuary run by her great-aunts, two women who are in a same-sex marriage. Parents, you need to be aware that God’s good design for marriage and sexuality is being challenged by the stories that are present even in the world of play. Be sure to teach the truth about God’s design to your kids. Whoever speaks to them first will own the conversation.