Are Our Kids Embracing the Christian Faith?

My dad always used to tell me that his greatest prayer for his children was that they would grow up to love, follow, and serve Jesus Christ. His second greatest prayer was that each of us would marry someone who did the same. To that end, my parents went to great lengths to nurture us in the Christian faith. In today’s secularized world, fewer and fewer parents are embracing the Christian faith, and as a result, fewer and fewer are nurturing their children in the faith. The Monitoring the Future survey reports that in the early 1990s, no more than sixteen percent of eighth, tenth, and twelfth grade students said that religion was not important to them at all. Now, that number has climbed to thirty percent of our seniors and sophomores, and twenty five percent of our eight graders. Parents, your children and teens have been made by God for a relationship with God, just like you. Jesus calls us to come and follow him, and he calls our kids to the same. Nurture your children in the faith.