Researchers at the Barna Group recently worked with the team at the American Bible Society to release their state of the Bible 2021 report. Their research tracked how the population perceives and engages the Bible. One encouraging finding is that one in six adults in the united states is still reading the Bible most days during the week. While it might seem strange to call the fact that sixteen percent of U.S. adults reads the Bible on most days encouraging, you have to realize that this was an increase from the twelve percent who did the same in 2020. We should hope and pray that this trend will continue to move upward. One way to ensure that this will happen is to take seriously our responsibility to nurture our kids into daily bible reading through our parenting and our youth ministries. Psalm one-hundred nineteen, verse one-o-five says, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and light to my path.” God has made us for himself. We can only know and follow him as we know and obey his word.