According to the latest research, it’s not just time that we’re spending so that at our kids can play organized sports. We’re also spending money. . . lots of money! Researchers have found that the average annual family spending on just one child for just one organized sport is nine-hundred-and-three dollars! Multiply that number by the number of kids who are playing and the number of sports they play, and it can be overwhelming. For example, a family with three children who play two sports each will spend almost ten thousand dollars annually on organized sports! While the spirit of the times encourages this type of involvement and spending, we must step back and look at the bigger picture through the lens of God’s Word, asking if this is truly responsible stewardship of our time and money. I once heard someone say, you tell me who and what you’re spending your money on, and I’ll tell you who or what your God is. Parents, is your commitment to organized sports crossing the line into too much?