All this week we’re looking at barriers to lasting faith and the reality that far too many kids are leaving high school, home, and church, then heading off to college and walking away from their faith. Pastor Jon Nielson believes that one of the foundational reasons for this is that our kids have not grown up in homes where their parents have preached the Gospel to them. My own forty years of experience has taught me that when it comes to faith and a whole lot more, kids are most likely to grow up to embrace the beliefs and behaviors they’ve seen and heard lived and taught by mom and dad. Of course, kids who grow up in non-Christian homes do come to saving faith. And, kids who grow up in strong Christian homes will launch on a Prodigal journey. Parents, don’t rely on the youth pastor and youth ministry to nurture your children in the faith. They are there to assist you as you endeavor to grow in your faith, and in turn lead out of your own spiritual maturity as you raise your kids for Christ.