I remember how, as a kid, our little neighborhood group of peers would engage each other in dares and double-dares. Taking the dare offered a way to fit in while avoiding being called things like a chicken. In today’s world, the playground for childhood dares is social media, with a variety of challenges being issued and taken by kids on the Tik Tok video platform. One new challenge going viral is what’s called the Benadryl challenge, where kids are encouraging each other to ingest excessive amounts of Benadryl in order to hallucinate or trip, and then to share their experience with each other by posting a Tik Tok video. Recently, a fifteen-year-old girl in Oklahoma died from a Benadryl overdose after taking the challenge. Her family describes her as a happy and faith-driven teen. Parents, be aware of the latest online challenges, including the Benadryl challenge. Warn your kids of the dangers, including seizures and death. Teach them to steward their bodies to God’s glory.