As I’ve continued to look around at a world where people’s lives are being ravaged by our current pandemic, I can’t help but be reminded that for the Christian, suffering is seen as something that can be redemptive as opposed to destructive. Yes, it hurts. I don’t like it. But the reality is that God uses suffering in our lives for our good and His glory. I am reminded of these words from my friend Dr. Ed Welch: “Suffering is used by God to make us more like him. God uses suffering to expose our hearts, to teach us to depend on him, and to train us in faith. How does that happen? Suffering shows us what is in our hearts. Do we trust God, or is our hope in the good things he has given us? Suffering burns away self-deception by making us aware of what we turn to apart from Jesus to make our lives work the way we want. As we suffer, we find out if our faith in God is genuine?” Parents, do you have this perspective? Go to the Scriptures and teach yourselves and your kids the great benefits of suffering.