How important is Bible reading? The late theologian J.I. Packer says, “The ignorant Christian is a vulnerable one. We must know our Bibles and be clear on God’s works, will, and ways, or we shall fail in our spiritual warfare.” The good news from the American Bible Society’s 2021 State of the Bible research found that during the course of the recent pandemic, the number of adult Bible users increased. This is good news as not only do our children learn from our bible reading example, but as we read the Bible we ourselves are nurtured spiritually, which in turn equips us to nurture our children more effectively. The downside to the research found that only eleven percent of Americans say they interact with their bible daily. For evangelical Christians, only thirty two percent interact with their bible every day, while sixty-six percent use facebook, and thirty-nine percent use youtube on a daily basis. Read, study, and mediate on God’s Word daily. And be sure to teach your kids to do the same.