One of the beautiful realities of reading God’s Word, the Bible, is to see how the Bible speaks to all of life in today’s world. Think for a minute about how our world is saturated with hyper-sexuality and all kinds of sexual temptation. There is so much of this, in fact, that our culture no longer believes in what the Bible calls sexual immorality. This makes it especially difficult for our kids to navigate the God-given gift of their sexuality to God’s glory. One passage that’s especially helpful to read and discuss with our kids is in Genesis thirty-nine, where we read about Potiphar’s wife and how she continually sought to seduce Joseph. Still, we read that Joseph was faithful and obedient to God, as he refused to go to bed with her or even be with her. Pray with your kids about their sexuality. Ask the Lord to cement their hearts to his, filling their hearts with such love for him that they would resist culture’s ever-present temptations, keeping themselves and their bodies clean and holy.